I purposefully put in significant effort the previous week, because I knew I had some travels coming up and wouldn’t be able to put in the training I needed. I also knew that it would be helpful to rest a bit.  

I travelled to Miami, Florida, for the Formula 1 races with some friends, coworkers, and my 78-year-old parents, who were likely the oldest people I saw in the audience! Then it was on to Arizona for work, but I was able to hike an old favorite in Scottsdale: Camelback on two days. I was pleased with my 28 and 27 minute ascents, although I think my old “best” was around 24 minutes. After that, I headed to Tyler, Texas, for a best friend’s wedding, where my exercise simply consisted of lakeside workouts, stretches, and swims. 

Bahamas Beach Workouts 

Without my typical exercise available to me in the Bahamas, I was very much looking forward to a self-imposed boot camp in the Caribbean water! The days I spent in the Eleuthera Islands were great. The weather, water, and exercise were exceptional! I included a lot of open water swimming and other activities to take advantage of the crystal blue water.  

For example, one day was mostly swimming. Another consisted of: 

  • 1 mile open water swim 
  • 1 mile run in knee-deep water with a car tire around my neck 
  • 1 mile forging with a cinderblock in each hand in the same knee-deep water 
  • 1 mile run in knee-deep water carrying a cinderblock 
  • 1 mile running under 8 feet of water, with breaks to jump to the surface for breath 
  • 1 mile open water swim with the aforementioned cinderblock, with intervals dropping the block to the bottom to rest before picking up again 
  • Rope work with industrial rope used to tie barges to the docks 

Normal while on a mini-weekend vacation?! Definitely! And ideal, too.