We make no strings attached charitable donations when participants complete one, or all, of our six athletic challenges. In doing so we aim to build a worldwide community that transcends sport and encourages people to make positive lifestyle changes while helping those in need.


Commit to our destination challenges or create challenges in your own backyard.

Jeff Previte and his family have been donating to charities for years. Learn about the donations they’ve made.

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By completing our registration process we will be able to stay connected and we’ll be able to connect you to others completing the same challenges. We are here to help you level up your life both physically and mentally and we want to build a community of like minded people who are in it together.

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• COMMIT- Sign Up 

• GIVE- identify your recipient charity (OR commit your pledge to one of the Previte Family trusted charities) 

• CONNECT- BBBC to your charity personally or provide contact info (we will work with your charity to promote your efforts and to develop a way of increasing the donation


• DO IT- Join Jeffrey or Document your challenges as you complete them alone or with friends

• CELEBRATE- Join us for the final awards to charities in Park City, UT 

  • Complete 1 event, earn a $150 donation (limit: 75 finishers) 
  • Complete 2 events, earn a $300 donation (limit: 50 finishers)
  • Complete 3 events, earn a $700 donation (limit 25 finishers)
  • Complete 4 events, earn a $1,300 donation (limit 15 finishers)
  • Complete 5 events, earn a $2,200 donation (limit 10 finishers)
  • Complete 6 events, earn a $3,400 donation (limit 5 finishers)
  • Complete 1-3 events and a donation will be made in your name to an official Big Belt Buckle Challenge Charity of the Year

  • Complete 4-6 events and a donation will be made to the charity of your choice

  • The first person to complete all six events for 2023 earns an additional $2,000 donation

  • Complete 5 events and you earn the “Silver” Belt Buckle

  • Complete all 6 events and you earn the “Gold” Belt Buckle

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