I had some good mountain biking leading up to the weekend and was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, May 21. I had already promised to my great friend Matt that I would make it into the backcountry Saturday morning if he wanted to make it. He was feeling similarly to me: he would make it if his friend Doug made it. So, the chain of events was set off—Doug wanted in, so Matt obliged, and I did the same. 

After waking up early on Saturday morning, I met up with Matt and Doug, drove to the trailhead in Little Cottonwood Canyon and started hiking into the woods. The first piece was in ski boots for about an hour until we could start skinning. I wasn’t “fast,” but the conditions were perfect. It was a beautiful and amazing day. In summary, we got two long laps in and the snow conditions were basically perfect! Being able to score a day of this quality, this late in the season, is a HUGE gift. We all were extremely psyched to be able to make it happen.